Refugees are human beings. We should accept them into the US!

downloadIt’s no secret that I wholeheartedly believe that the United States should accept Syrian refugees and help them resettle here in the land of the free, the brave and the land where you can dream of a better tomorrow.  Since the Paris Attacks in November which were then followed by the attack in San Bernardino the debate as to whether the US should accept Syrian refugees has ignited a firestorm across the country.

Some fear that terrorist will use the refugee resettlement program as a way to sneak into our country while some of these people still realize not all Muslims or Syrians are terrorists. Others fear all Muslims out of a pure xenophobic and discriminatory belief system want to enter our country with negative objectives in their hearts (which I couldn’t disagree with more).

I was recently presented with a question and I wanted to give it some steady thought and dedicated time before I hastily responded. I was asked the following:

Okay so lets assume we have 10,000 refugees come into the country. But let’s be conservative and not get crazy with the numbers. So lets not suggest that 10% or even 5% of the refugees sympathize with ISIS. Lets say just 2.5% sympathize. That’s only 250 people.

Do you feel 250 members in a 2nd Amendment country is a good idea knowing that 22 other Arab nations have not taken a single refugee for fear of national security issues. (Google how many the Saudis have resettled refugees).

I should start by saying this is from a Twitter follower who I do not know in person, but have grown to respect over time, even though we sit on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Now with that said we can continue.

The person that asked me this question approached me with a correct number. The Obama Administration is prepared to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year. After that first sentence I leave any understanding of where the rest of the question or figures come from. This person and I disagree on a lot of points being that I come at everything from a liberal slant and he comes from a conservative slant. He isn’t going to be shocked to find out that I am baffled here with the rest of his question, at least I think he won’t be.

“Lets say just 1.5% sympathize. That’s only 250 people.” Here he, along with a lot of Americans and conservatives, have a natural assumption of a few things:

  1. That refugees aren’t in fact fleeing war-torn areas where their families are being murdered, tortured and bombed. These people seem to think the refugees aren’t trying to escape a world that those of us living in a privileged first world country could never imagine.
  2. The other assumption that there are 250 people aiming to enter the country through the Refugee Vetting Process is absurd because of the length of time the vetting process takes and because of the volume of refugees. To put a number like 250 or 500 or even 5 refugees are likely to be terrorists via this process is an impossible figure to come to in my opinion. There is no basis for that assumption or conclusion in my opinion.

There are 4.2 million Syrian refugees. 850,000 of which attempting to move to Europe, 10,000 of which Obama wants to allow into the United States. They then must go through a minimum of an 18 month vetting process. With ISIS’ need to cause immediate fear and terror my belief is that the refugee vetting process isn’t going to be the direction they would take. Not to mention single men and women or couples without children who have traveled to areas of unrest will standout in the very in-depth vetting process singling them out to our government which I have full faith in.


2nd Amendment

This Twitter follower and friend also asked me if it is appropriate to allow possible terrorists sympathizers into a “2nd Amendment country” and at the same time supports the 2nd Amendment like a lot of conservatives. In one instant he retweeted this:


If you are a liberal you can probably tell where I am going with this, but let me get my thoughts together here. Let’s start from the bottom up. If we took control of our out-of-control gun crazy country we could ease the fear my friend here has of this being a 2nd Amendment country and possible terrorist sympathizers gaining access to guns. If Republicans and the NRA would stop standing in the way of bills, such as the one trying to make it illegal for people on the no fly list to buy guns, then we would be making huge strides in making this country safer. We would also be making giant leaps in helping to prevent terrorist sympathizers, both from abroad and homegrown, gain access to guns.

We need to close the gun show loophole by requiring criminal background checks on all purchases taking place at all events where firearms are being sold. We need to make sure all gun sales in America are being tracked and all those purchasing guns are being given background checks and being monitored for our safety. The safety of the American public. We need to ban military style weapons. Since when did you need an assault rifle to hunt for deer or birds? You don’t!

We can have our 2nd Amendment, but it’s time we take a hard look at the realities of the 2nd Amendment and what it entails. Why do we need to be an armed country as if we aren’t under constant threat of invasion? Do you know who is in constant threat of invasion and assault in their homes? The Syrian Refugees if they can’t flee Syria and have to stay in their homes over run by ISIS.


No Arab Nation is Taking Syrian Refugees:

Turkey has taken 1.9 million refugees overwhelming the country. Lebanon has taking 1.1 million refugees increasing the population by 25%.  Jordan has taken 629,000 refugees while Egypt has taken 132,375 refugees. Neighboring Iraq, a war town country itself has taken another 249,400 refugees. The United Arab Emirates have taken in 250,000 refugees.

The simple fact is that many Arab nations are accepting Syrian refugees. In fact The countries that are, for the most part, are members of the 1951 UN treaty on refugees and have been holding up their end of the deal. The Gulf countries not participating have given their responses with claims of helping over 500,000 refugees via funding of the other Arab nations, non-classification of refugees as refugees and other responses along those lines. Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, or Bahrain accept Refugees flat out? You’ll have to pick up the phone and give them a call. In the meantime though I’d take a good look at the way the world is coming together and helping humanity. A handful, four countries, aren’t participating in a movement doesn’t mean we have to join forces and stick our nose up at those in need.


What is going on with the Republican Party. It’s time they split.


Every 4 years we have a presidential election here in the United States. For me, it’s like football season. It starts with the party primaries followed by the general election that ends with election night or my version of the Super Bowl!

When Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were fighting it out in the primaries back in 2007 and 2008 I honestly thought I would never experience an election as exciting as that one. Deep in my mind I thought to myself that there would never be an election that had me on the edge of my seat to the extent that particular election did. It was a pivotal year.

No matter who won the democratic primary it was going to change the country forever. For the first time a major political party was going to either have a black candidate or female candidate.  Not only that, but Hillary Clinton had a chance to be the Democratic nominee for president. As a super fan of hers I was ecstatic.

Hillary eventually dropped out and Obama took the nomination and eventually won the historic election (as well as my heart and vote). Now in 2015 I find myself on the edge of my seat again for two reasons:

  1. Hillary Clinton will most likely take the Democratic nomination
  2. The Republican Party is imploding

Frankly, I’m more enthralled with watching the republican party implode lately. Who in the world can wrap their head around what is going on with their primary? The party has an insane amount of candidates running for the nomination:

After 7 debates we have only seen 3 candidates drop out so far including Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Scott Walker. The rest are determined to keep pushing, keep spending money and to keep campaigning.

The most interesting thing to me is that they couldn’t seem more divided. How do they all represent the same party? First I sat at my dinning room table and thought about all the candidates. My basic knowledge on them makes me think I am looking at a range of candidates representing a variety of different political parties, but I’m not. That increases with the fact that not just one, but two candidates are now threatening independent runs including Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

I would almost suggest the Republican Party dissolve itself at this point. Why not? They are done, at least for this election cycle. If they were to consider it I would break the party into the following:


The Bigot Party:

I would say Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee would make up this party. I would describe the party as wanting to feed off the desperation of middle America and working class or blue-collar citizens. They thrive off of the under-educated and less informed. Anger is the life blood of this party and discrimination is the theme.

The members of the party stand for xenophobia. They don’t like people from different backgrounds, particularly those that come from Muslim countries or are of Latino origins (they take extra points away from you if you are from Mexico or Syria). All borders would be closed to anyone not white and not rich.

They believe in the separation of church and state only when it applies to religions that aren’t theirs. They do believe their faith should govern the country though. Their morals, religious Christian laws and doctrines should dictate the American Judiciary system according to their beliefs. This includes outlawing all things homosexual in nature.

International relations will be handled like Donald Trump and all of these candidates tend to handle all disagreements, like children in elementary school do, with a tantrum. For instance, if Trump and the Bigot Party were in the White House and Trump had a disagreement with Putin then Trump would probably call Putin on a secured line and tell him to “shut up or I’ll stick my $10,000 shoe up your booty.”

Everyone in the United States would be required to either own a gun or pay tribute to the NRA.


The Anti-Government Establishment Party

This party would be made up of Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum. Too much government is bad, that’s why they have decided to run for office and work for the government. Their logic is off, but whatever… that’s why they are Republicans in reality right?

They don’t believe in taxing the rich. They don’t believe the Environmental Protection Agency regulations are too restrictive. In their opinion the government should not have gotten involved in the marriage issue and definitely should stay out of business issues.

Ironically, even though they think the government should be smaller and out of our daily lives as much as possible they believe in school voucher programs and besides Rand Paul, they believe in increasing the size of our military.

Most importantly, they believe the government should control a woman’s right to choose and they will lie to see that right taken away from women.


The Huh? Party

This party is made up of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich. The party is a bit confused and out of touch with the rest of conservatives.  They are conservative none-the-less and most democrats dislike them, so they still enjoy calling themselves Republicans. They have a tough time resonating with the core of the party.

They believe in a pathway to citizenship of undocumented immigrants and don’t follow the negative rhetoric you hear from a lot of the others in the traditional Republican Party when it comes to minorities. They aren’t afraid to take a stand against the Bigots like Donald Trump. They were among the first to come out swinging against the bulldog.

None-the-less they have horrible stances on education and won’t do much for women. They fumble around on the campaign trail and you have to ask yourself why they are still running for office. They have horrible tax plans and would take this country downhill fast.


As the GOP considers the possibility of heading toward an open convention the Democrats look toward a likely win in the general election. Regardless of the fact that the Republican Party seems to be imploding and unable to negotiate within itself, I guess I won’t complain. I’m baffled though trying to figure out what they stand for.

When I sit in a room with a die hard Hillary supporter, a die hard Bernie supporter and a die hard O’Malley supporter at the end of the day I almost always find that we can all meet together on the issues. You can’t say the same for the Republican party, their supporters or their candidates this election cycle. Good luck kids.

See you in November!


I wish Rosie O’Donnell would step up her feud with Donald Trump again!

Rosie-ODonnell-Mike-Tyson-Live-On-Stage-Opening-Show-Las-Vegas-Nevada-April-14-2012For as long as I have been aware of who Rosie O’Donnell is I have had a love and hate relationship as far as my opinion on her has gone.  Yet, as I look back at who she is and what she stands for I don’t know that my judgments of her have been fair.

Rosie has had an impressive career that I have rather enjoyed over the years.  To top it off she has taken the fruits of that labor and funneled a lot of the money she has earned into charities without expecting recognition for her charitable work. In 2006 Tyra Banks pointed out on her show that most people don’t realize that at that point Rosie had given over $100 million to charity.

I personally work in the nonprofit world.  It’s my belief that if you have the means you should give back to your local, national or global community. As long as you have a passion, you should support that passion and help make the world a better place. Something Rosie has done time and time again.

She has human issues from health to family troubles. That’s no different than any of us. The only difference is her issues get dragged through the media. So yea, I probably have been too hard on her.

I think my issues with her in the past have stemmed from her harsh outward persona.

With that all said I have always appreciated her public feud with Donald Trump. I still remember watching her fight with Trump begin in 2006 when she shared her opinions on him after the Miss USA drama of Tara Conner’s drug use. Not to mention her decision to also call him out on his bankruptcy filings and similarities to a snake oil salesman.

Year after year, Donald continued to jab at her. Mostly on Twitter. My guess is because he knew if he attacked her it would get him in the press. Funny enough if you look at the timeline of their “feud” most of the time Rosie takes the high road. She tells him to get list, take a hike or just calls him an ass and leaves it at that. Good for you girl!

Following the first republican debate of the 2016 presidential primary season after Donald Trump again insulted Rosie she simply replied on Twitter by saying, “Try explaining that to your kids.”

The primary season had just begun. No one in their right mind, besides some red necks I’m sure, were taking Trump seriously in this debate. I don’t think Trump was taking himself seriously at the time. Of course she didn’t have more to say of her feuding partner.

Now, months later Trump has proven himself to unfortunately be a real candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. It makes me sick to even write those words!

According to Edge Media, when Rosie was recently asked about Trump’s campaign she simple had to say:

It’s a nightmare…That’s my quote

I want to say, good for you girl. Stay above it and stay out of it so he doesn’t attack you. Rosie has enough going on. She has some major issues going on in her personal life and she doesn’t need drama with this crazy man.

With that said, someone needs to stand up to Trump. We have a man with one of the largest platforms in the country, if not the world, spouting of the worst rhetoric we have heard in a long time coming from a presidential candidate.

From xenophobic comments, to racist comments, to islamophobic comments Trump is doing nothing but further dividing a nation in turmoil. In a time where our country finds itself divided we need a leader who can bring us together. We need a leader with compassion in their heart. That is not Trump. We need a leader that can see the bigger picture. We need a leader that can pull people of all backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion and socioeconomic status to the table. This is something Trump cannot do. He feeds hate. He feeds anger. He feeds divisiveness and distrust.

Rosie has an interesting opportunity. A voice that a lot of people don’t. She is well versed on the issues and politically involved up until recently. She is experienced in the talk show world and in battling Trump in the public arena.

It’s obviously not her wish or desire to debate Trump or engage with him and I respect that. None-the-less I do wish she would take a stand and use her voice and platform to say enough is enough. She is a strong woman. An impressive woman and a woman people listen to. A woman I respect and I think others do too. Trump is out-of-line and it’s time we put an end to a presidential candidate spouting off:

  • Racist commentary in a time of racial unrest in our country. In a time when we are seeing increased protest, racial violence and dissatisfaction across our nation.
  • Xenophobic comments in a time when we are having a public debate in the face of a global humanitarian refugee crisis. We may not all agree on what the solution is, but having a political candidate yelling and feeding fuel to the fire from one of the largest podiums in the country is hurting our nation more than helping.
  • Nazi like commentary which sets us back decades and pushes forward Nazi sympathizer mentalities and supports KKK and skinhead type organizations across this country is unacceptable.
  • Islamophobic commentary that should never be spoken by a presidential candidate. No candidate should ever single out a specific ethnicity or minority group. We are a nation of immigrants that welcomes all people. If Trump is too ignorant to realize that he shouldn’t be running for president.

I’ve wished for weeks that the right person would step up and take him on in the media. I’ve wondered who that would be. Could it be the Republican Party? No, it can’t be because Trump will just keep threatening them. Could it be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? No, neither of them could do it to the fullest extent because they have to keep a certain reputation as candidates. Could it be someone in the media? No, Trump goes after the media and we saw what he did to Megyn Kelly.

I do wish Rosie would challenge him. Maybe she could take some of the spotlight off of his campaign. Maybe she could make him look stupid to those who support him. Maybe I am just desperate for any opportunity to take him down because he is almost scarier than George W. Bush getting a third term.

It feels like Trump has a strangle hold on our country. Everyone from the media, to his fellow candidates to celebrities and anyone else with a voice that will be heard seems afraid to challenge him. I’m sick of this dictator. He does not represent America and what we stand for. It’s time we speak out against him. He is a nightmare is not enough anymore even if his candidacy could be the best thing for the Democratic Party.

I need a temporary unfriend button for FB over the Refugee Crisis!

images (1)I can’t decide what is going to be harder. Getting through the election cycle or getting through the Refugee crisis and related debate. Either way I have realized that I am way to passionate about both topics for my own good.

I wish Facebook had an “I’m angry unfriend” button that allowed you to click unfriend out of anger, but didn’t actually unfriend the person.  It would just put the person in a queue for you to look at later once you had a chance to cool down and decide if you want to unfriend them later. It would save me a lot of grief.

My biggest issue has come not from disagreements or political debates. Disagreements happen everyday for me. If you follow me on social media you can probably tell I am slightly opinionated. Okay, I am extremely opinionated. I am so left of center in my beliefs I debate fellow democrats on a daily basis so you can imagine how often I debate republicans.

No, disagreements don’t do me in. It’s when people cross a line with the language they choose to use while disagreeing with me. For the past two days I’ve been going toe to toe with someone in my life who I am close with over Donald Trumps suggestion that the United States should start a national database to register all Muslim Americans and that we should not accept any Syrian Refugees into the United States.  I strongly believe refugees should be welcomed in America after the vetting process.

After rounds of debating this person I finally decided to let her have the last word because I could tell she was just as incoherent in her thought process on this subject as Donald Trump himself. She didn’t understand how making Muslims carry ID cards indicating their religion would be no different than how the Nazi’s made the Jewish people wear gold stars during World War II. I just wasn’t getting through to her. Sometimes you just have to step back from a debate.

Then this morning her friend chimed in to let her know she schooled me and that she put everything into a good perspective. Her views in support of Trump were a good perspective. They flat out told me that the Syrians should “pull up their big girl panties and stay in their region and fight their war.” Really, innocent men, women and children should suffer bombings by terrorist? That’s a good perspective? They also told me that immigration reform should only support Latinos. It should support Latinos, but why only Latinos? Who are these people?

I couldn’t ignore these messages as they started to flood in today.

In an onslaught of questions back to them I was called an asshole, by the friend… not by the person I am close to. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. You don’t call me a curse word because you don’t share my opinion. You don’t resort to that type of language because you can’t keep up with a debate or defend your opinions besides to say “I don’t know why… it’s just what I think.” The next point they made was that we would feel safer in movie theaters if we didn’t let Muslim Refugees into our country. Newsflash ladies… the shootings in American movie theaters have been carried out by white men! Hello!

Both ladies were on a one-way ticket to unfriend and block town.  It’s like vomit to me. I see an insult of that nature and my mouse finds itself hovering right over the unfriend button before I can control it. Once you click it there is no turning back. Before you know it your friend, your cousin, your neighbor or colleague has been unfriended.

Once you have calmed down you then realize… you will have to deal with that decision. Had you just not unfriended the idiot you could just ignore the entire situation. Why can’t there be an option that allows you to temporarily unfriend people while angry?! It would save me a lot of grief.

Trump Boycotts Fox News – News Channels… Boycott Trump!

imagesizerDonald Trump Boycotts Fox News

I can’t speak for everyone in this country, but I can speak for myself. It is my opinion that Donald Trump is nothing but a joke. He isn’t a serious candidate and it is time that the mainstream media starts treating him as such.

Today he announced that he would be boycotting Fox News for what he deems unfair treatment.


Unfair treatment in his eyes seems to be when media outlets don’t ask him specific questions he wants to be asked or when he is grilled for his idiocy. What Trump doesn’t seem to get is that he is no longer an entertainer. He is no longer a businessman. He is now a public figure, a politician running for office.

This was also seen earlier when he threatened to sue Club for Growth with a lawsuit after a political attack ad was aired against Trump. It wasn’t his campaign that threatened to sue, but his company. Donald Trump is still differentiating the two. What he needs to realize is that when you are running for the President of the United States of America you are running for President of the United States of America. Your company is no longer at the forefront and you can no longer sue when you don’t like how things are going.

You can no longer run away from news outlets that you disagree with. You can no longer act like a child. You need to start acting like a grown man and you have to start acting presidential.

Donald Trump has shown us he is unwilling to do this. He will keep attacking other candidates as if he is in a school yard fight in the worst part of the worst city in the country. He will continue acting like he is above the world because he has the money to do so.

He will keep feeding the world with racism and bigotry just adding fuel to the fire instead of trying to create positive change for one of the best countries on the face of this planet.

If Donald Trump doesn’t want fair coverage of his campaign and wants to boycott Fox News, a conservative media outlet that would probably give him the most fair coverage out there as a GOP candidate then I ask Fox News to oblige. Stop covering Donald Trump.

In fact, I ask all media outlets to stop covering Donald Trump. CNN, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, Huffington Post, NPR and every other major media outlet should stop covering Trump. I don’t care about your ratings. He is a joke at this point. He is a racist without a conscience. He attacks your reporters with complete disregard to their race, gender, religion and wellbeing. Look at how he treated Megyn Kelly.

It’s time we stop giving him a platform and let him ramble on Twitter. It’s all he is worth. Silence the Orange Monster!

Don’t come at us for caring about Cecil the Lion!

cecil1_3391546bOften times I struggle when I want to reply to a friend or acquaintance that writes something, says something or posts something on social media that I adamantly disagree with.  Most of the time I am told to look the other way and not to engage with people. Confrontation is just not worth the energy you waste, but the fact of the matter is that I am an opinionated person.

The energy I waste holding my opinions in is more harmful to myself than sharing my opinions. I’ve waited just about 25 hours since this friend posted his ignorant thoughts on the recent killing of Cecil the Lion and it’s time for me to come back in full force. While I respect his right to his own beliefs I strongly feel he is misguided.

This kid posted on Facebook yesterday a thought that struck me off guard. He said:

Yeah, a lion is dead that shouldn’t be, but lets get over it and talk about some problems in the world that actually matter a little more?! For instance, black men and women are systematically hunted and killed every day, white people are defending racist symbols and getting their feelings hurt (get off your southern pride and State’s rights kool-aid), a dispatcher hung up on a girl trying to save her best friend’s life, the LGBTQ community is still stoned and hanged and killed and systematically oppressed around the world, and for whatever reason Sarah Palin is still taken seriously by foolish white folks…just to name a few.

Man did I ever have to take a breather after reading that post which was then followed by a walk. I don’t disagree with him in that there are a lot of issues facing this world. A lot of issues that need us to be compassionate. A lot of issues out there that need humans to focus our attention on to them to make positive change on this planet. The issue I have with his post is that human compassion does not need to be limited to one or two issues. Human compassion can be spread out among any and all issues plaguing this humanity.

If we only worried, publicized and became angry about the murder of innocent humans but ignored issues like animal cruelty then we would find ourselves living in a very different universe. If we only focused on issues like “white people defending racist symbols”, an issue I also stand firmly against and strongly believe the confederate flag belongs in the past and not in the present, then who focuses on climate change?

We live in a world with a million issues to face, to fight, and to battle. We also live in a world full of people with many passions. That is what makes this world so great. When there is a wrong deed committed the do-gooders come out in full force to see that right is done. We come together to see that justice is served.

There are people screaming that we shouldn’t be focused on one issue over the other. Well, I hate to break it to you. Some of us think that Black Lives Matter. Some of us think that Gay Lives Matter. Some of us think that Cecil’s life Mattered. Some of us stand with each fight and fight loudly and passionately and believe each fight deserves our voices and our passions. I don’t think one needs to be heard louder than the other. I don’t think I need to divide my attention. I think I can care wholeheartedly about multiple issues as long as I am continuing to fight for what I believe in and I believe in justice for all living things.

This kid updated his post later in the day, as I suppose he received some heat from other Facebook followers of his that decided to not look away from his post like I did, saying:

UPDATE: I would like to clarify that I do not mean to belittle or justify Cecil’s death – I, too, also find it unjustifiable and wrong; however, it is important to eye the bigger picture: stopping the eradication of an entire species. While Cecil’s death is unfortunate, we are ignoring the big picture and glorifying a celebrity lion and ruining some Minnesota man’s life, when we should actually utilize different efforts to make change.

I don’t disagree that there is a bigger picture of poaching that needs to be addressed. If this kid did any research he would realize that the Change.Org petition started in response to Cecil’s death is not calling for a mob attack on Walter Palmer, the murder of this innocent lion. The petition is actually calling for systematic change.

We need to work together to take a few steps:

1) We need the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to release their final rule on the listing of the African lion under the Endangered Species Act to help prevent imports of trophy animals killed in outrageous circumstances.

2) We also need USFWS to look into violations of the Lacey Act. If there have been, Mr. Palmer and any accomplices must be held fully accountable.

3) Officials in Zimbabwe already arrested two Zimbabweans. Public pressure must continue so they are held accountable as well as any business they were connected to — these bloody and violent trophy hunting businesses cannot get away with this cruelty.

Cecil’s death is one death that has rocked the international community, but to belittle the raw emotions it has created and to say it has done nothing more than ruin the life of one evil man is ignorant and uneducated.

With all this said. Help create change and sign the Change.Org petition.


Send Walter Palmer back to Zimbabwe!

By now Mr. Walter Palmer, a murder and dentist from Minnesota, has become a household name around the world after it become international knowledge that he is the killer of Cecil the famous Zimbabwean lion.  The killing took place during a paid hunting trip while he was a tourist in Zimbabwe, his two hunting guides, a local professional hunter and a farmer have already been arrested by local authorities according to BBC News and face up to 15 years in prison.

Mr. Palmer claims he thought that his guides had taken care of all the proper permits. I don’t care. BBC quotes him as saying:

I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt… Again, I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.

If you are hunting for sport and not for sustenance, for food, for survival then you are hunting for the thrill of murder. You are hunting for blood. You are hunting as a walter-palmer

Mr. Palmer paid $50,000 for this hunting excursion. This tells me he had the money to have his legal team look into proper permitting. It’s easy for an elitist like him to point fingers at the poor hunting guides, who also deserve what is coming to them in the way of long-term prison terms. None-the-less, he deserves the same. He illegally hunted and killed this animal.

Send him back to Zimbabwe and see he has his day in court. See justice for Cecil!